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Viper is a crypto wallet app design exclusively made for Crypto wallet, money transaction, banking app and any finance app. Crypto Wallet App UI Kit is a software program that contains public and private keys unique to the owner of a particular wallet. Crypto Wallet App UI figma template allows you to interact with blockchains, which allows you not only to shop and make interactions but also check your balance. 

Unlike the regular stock market which can actually hold money, cryptocurrencies do not technically not store your Crypto. Your properties are located on the blockchain, but can only be accessed using the private key.Your keys prove your ownership of your digital money and can carry out your transactions.

This wallet app ui kit has a modern, clean and very detailed UI design for iOS and Android apps. Anyone can easily customize the screens, allowing for great flexibility and ease-of-use when it comes to putting the finishing touch on your project.

In crypto wallet app design, we will explore 30 High Quality Screens. You can buy Crypto Wallet App UI Kit and nicely layered and grouped with proper names. In this cryptocurrency app design uses SF Pro Display, and SF Pro Text fonts. Vectores and images from freepik, pexels, pixabay, shutterstock for free have also been used. This UI figma template application is 100% customizable. This UI figma template also includes a style guide and vector-based icons that use fontawesome and flaticon icons. 


  • 30 High Quality Screens
  • Style guide included
  • Symbol & well layer organized
  • Vector Based Icons
  • Pixel Perfect
  • Layered & Well Organized
  • Design in Figma
  • Free Fonts & Icons
  • 100% Customizable Vector Shape

Included Pages

  • 01_Welcome
  • 02_Onboarding 01
  • 03_Onboarding 02
  • 04_Onboarding 03
  • 05_ Login
  • 06_ Verification
  • 07_Signup
  • 08 _Enter Your Pin
  • 09_Home
  • 10_Menu Pop up
  • 11_Live Trading Pair
  • 12_XRP/BTC Details
  • 13_Wallet
  • 14_Withdraw to Bank
  • 15_Congratulation Message
  • 16_Select Schedule
  • 17_Wallet Check
  • 18_Deposite
  • 19_ Request Payment 01
  • 20_Request Payment 02
  • 21_Congratulation Message
  • 22_Withdraw Payment 01
  • 23_Withdraw Payment 02
  • 24_Congratulation Message
  • 25_Setting
  • 26_Profile
  • 27_Edit Profile 01
  • 28_Edit Profile 02
  • 29_Your bank Details
  • 30_Log Out


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